Environmental Working Groups

EWG meetings are hosted by UTERN’s Internal Executive Liaison approximately once each month throughout the academic year.

These meetings provide a way for students involved in environment-related clubs or initiatives to connect with UTERN and learn about our services. They also provide the opportunity for student leaders to network within the U of T environmental community and collaborate.

Network members include clubs like Dig In!/Regenesis, Green Chemistry Initiative, ENSU, UTEA, and many more!


For more information or to receive EWG updates, please join the Facebook EWG group.

Land Acknowledgement

We wish to acknowledge that UofT is on the traditional territory of the Anishinaabeg Peoples,Haudenosaunee Peoples, and The Chippewa Peoples, and is the subject of the Dish with OneSpoon Wampum Belt Covenant. The Mississauga's of The New Credit are the most recent to call. The Greater Toronto Area their home, but we also seek to acknowledge the Petun-TionontatiPeoples, The Huron-Wendat, and The Attiwonderonk Neutral Nations. Toronto (as it includesScarborough) and Mississauga are also governed under Treaty 13 (Toronto), The TorontoPurchase of 1805, The Ajetance Treaty 19 of 1808 (Mississauga), Treaties 22 and 23(Mississauga), along with Treaty 13A (Mississauga). We seek to realign our thinking and effortsto further and center Indigenous causes and movements.

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