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Slide The University of Toronto's Student Environmental Resource Network (UTERN)
is a levy organization that operates as a funding body and networking hub
for any person, group or club interested in sustainability and
on campus. Membership is open to all
UofT students, faculty, staff, and alumni.
Who are we?

Slide To facilitate an environmental network at U of T, UTERN hosts monthly
Environmental Working Groups (EWGs), where the environmental
community at U of T and beyond can pool their resources,
share knowledge, and keep up to date on environmental initiatives
across the U of T campuses. There are also EWGs at UTM and UTSC.
What we do


Slide Our Events and Initiatives


UTERN encourages all student-led groups across the three campuses to participate in our annual EcoFest.

Student Groups

We host monthly Environmental Working Groups (EWGs).

Food Relief

UTERN is committed to supporting students experiencing food insecurity due to COVID-19.


Our sustainability campaign for 2021 was based on the theme of environmental action.

If you are experiencing any issues with our website please send us a brief email explaining the problem and we will try and address it as soon as possible. Thanks!

Land Acknowledgement

We wish to acknowledge that UofT is on the traditional territory of the Anishinaabeg Peoples,Haudenosaunee Peoples, and The Chippewa Peoples, and is the subject of the Dish with OneSpoon Wampum Belt Covenant. The Mississauga's of The New Credit are the most recent to call. The Greater Toronto Area their home, but we also seek to acknowledge the Petun-TionontatiPeoples, The Huron-Wendat, and The Attiwonderonk Neutral Nations. Toronto (as it includesScarborough) and Mississauga are also governed under Treaty 13 (Toronto), The TorontoPurchase of 1805, The Ajetance Treaty 19 of 1808 (Mississauga), Treaties 22 and 23(Mississauga), along with Treaty 13A (Mississauga). We seek to realign our thinking and effortsto further and center Indigenous causes and movements.

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